People I've Worked With, I Think It's More Important to Hear What Others Say About Me, Rather Than What I Say... 

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Jo Carroll - Founder and Creative Director of Giant Creative 
“Alan really is the man to speak to for the times when you need to stop, take stock, and review what  
direction you and your business are moving in. He helps bring clarity and focus by setting out a clear  
plan for the path ahead” 
Darren Taylor - Managing Director of Rainbow Safety Signs 
“Alan has made a massive difference to my company and I would recommend him to anybody who wants to move their business forward” 
Andy Rao - Managing Director of Key 3 Media 
“Alan's Masterclass workshops have been instrumental in the growth of my business, enabling me to focus more on the company rather than being in it” 
Rhiannon Williams - Director of Zen Communications 
“Alan has had such a positive influence on both my business and personal life, and I would encourage anybody who feels they need a steer in the right direction to get in touch with him” 
Julian Smout - Director of Verve 
"I worked with Alan twelve months ago and since then, my business has tripled in size, if you're looking to grow your business, I can highly recommend him” 
Charlie Hutton - Hutchinson Web Design 
“"I always had loads of ideas, and considered myself pretty focused, but working with Alan really took everything to another level and has driven my business forward at a pace that's blown me away, I can highly recommend him.” 

Being a business coach is just like being a comedian... 

An award-winning business coach, bestselling author, UK Top 50 Growth Advisors and Coach of The Year Finalist, Alan S Adams has worked with a wide variety of sectors however, specialises in working with medical, cosmetic, aesthetic and dental clinics (Click Here for website) as well as creative businesses such as graphic design, PR, digital, and web design agencies across the UK to help them grow their profits and develop the business they’ve always dreamed of. 
A hands-on coach, Alan's developed a system called DEPTH™ to help businesses maximise there returns, he believes in providing practical advice and guidance which can be implemented into your agency or clinic straight away, and which can make a real difference to your bottom line. And because he believes that being a business coach is just like being a comedian, rather than telling you he’s funny he tells you the business equivalent of a joke and lets you make up your own mind. So why not secure your place on one of Alan’s complimentary online business growth workshops and make up your own mind by getting a real feel for what he does and how he works. 
Perhaps you’ve been stuck in a rut for a while and you’re unsure what to do for the best, or you may be thriving but struggling to get the infrastructure in place to cope, or else you may be looking to expand by launching another clinic or agency – or even franchising – but need some support. Whatever your reason, if you’ve decided to do something about all or any of these, and you’re looking to make this your best year ever, then you’ve come to exactly the right place. 
Through this website, renowned author, coach, and trainer Alan S Adams is developing a kick-ass range of free-to-download reports and tools which share proven techniques that were previously exclusively reserved for his private clients. Do explore the site and see how Alan can help your clinic or agency move from surviving to thriving. And if you’d like to attend Alan’s complimentary workshop or arrange an initial chat with Alan personally, do contact us today 

And if you did choose to work with Alan, you have the ultimate peace of mind as he offers all clients a 500% return on investment or your money back guarantee*. He’s also put together a helpful guide which shares some of the questions you should, ask any business advisor before hiring them. Download your copy for free by clicking here
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