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Perhaps you’re wondering who Alan Adams is and why he’s qualified to give you advice and guidance… A former weapons engineer and submariner with the Royal Navy, his business journey started with a degree in International Disaster Engineering and Management (he thought Thunderbirds at first and spent his first year very disappointed!) A large part of the focus was on how big businesses, global corporations and even countries coped with crises, and Alan saw firsthand what a level playing field it ultimately is there out in the world, yet also saw how some companies – when hit by the unexpected – would roll over and disappear, whist others would actually turn it into a positive and go on to thrive. 

So, he started to study how and why businesses succeed, and over the subsequent years has studied hundreds of books, attended countless workshops and seminars, and invested £tens of thousands, and thousands of hours to learn as much as he can. He completed a Masters in Neuro Linguistic Programming to allow him to understand the psychological reasons for success and failure within business, he met and interviewed some of the most successful businesspeople in the UK, and he’s currently finishing a series of interviews with some of the UK’s most super, super-successful business owners to see just what mind-set and beliefs they all have in common. 
Plus, he’s built one business that pays him whether he works in it or not – which if you’re a business owner is the holy grail, he founded and runs a successful business consultancy - Horizons Consultancy, is a fully-qualified life coach, trains business owners UK-wide, and even helps run a leading PR and reputation management agency. So rest assured that he absolutely practices what he preaches, and that he’s far from a simple theory-based coach but all about the practical applications. Alan S Adams is also so confident that his systems work that he gives a “500% Return on Investment or You Can Tell His Mum…(You Do Also Get Your Money Back)” guarantee. 
An adrenaline junkie outside of work, Alan is an advanced freefall skydiver, a PADI scuba diver, and loves snowboarding and his 1978 Bonneville motorbike with equal passion. 
Alan S Adams Business Consultant

Some of What I've Been up to, see More on My Meet Alan Page 

This is me down at Innocent HQ talking with Richard Reed, one of the Co-Founders, Great guy and a fantastic business, if you ever have chance to go visit them I can highly recommend it. 
Alan S Adams and Richard Reed
Clearly a man of great taste, it was a real pleasure to chat with Tom Kerridge at The Shrewsbury Flower Show - we were so inspired by him 
we bought his new cook book 
Felicity Wingrove, Tom Kerridge and Alan S Adams
Had a great time being best man, at one of my oldest friend's wedding, with my partner Felicity 
Alan S Adams and Felicity Wingrove
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