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"Alan was reccommended to me by a colleague and with his help, I doubled my clinic in 12 months, every clinic should have a consultant like Alan" 
Maxine Moseley RGN NIP | Director | Maxine Moseley Skin Clinic 
Maxine Mosley
“ Alan has such a wealth of industry knowledge which he constantly updates in order to provide you, as his client, with the most cutting edge, and creative approaches to develop your business. His sense of humour, and ability to ‘think outside of the box’ are priceless qualities which you will find difficult to find elsewhere in the industry!" 
Kirsty Timmins | Director | TARA Professional Recruitment  
“Alan has really helped me move the business forward - i don't think we would be where we are now without him. It has really helped look at things form a completely new angle, and I have developed ideas that i never would have had the confidence to do on my own! He has most definitely been an great investment” 
Sally Wagstaff | Director | Xodos 
Testimonials for Alan S Adams
“Excellent introduction to improving business practises and Alan is an interesting and engaging presenter” 
Andrew Greenhalgh | International Intelligence Limited 
Testimonials for Alan S Adams
“A no-nonsense look at the “business” of business. The workshop created the awareness I need to take action, thank you” 
Richie Moore | aSmiling World 
Testimonials for Alan S Adams
“What I’ve learnt from Alan will directly benefit my business, by helping us to focus on planning for future growth” 
Anthony Digweed | Monkhide 
Testimonials for Alan S Adams
“Alan is fun! You don’t feel like you are being preached too but rather shown  
the right path, it’s clear that he really knows his stuff and techniques, so enjoy the process” 
Catherine Buckley | Best Of Shrewsbury 
Testimonials for Alan S Adams
“Alan’s reminded me again to focus on the goal, rather than the slog to get to it, just what I needed at this moment, thank you” 
Gaynor Hand | Orange Consultancy 
Testimonials for Alan S Adams
“It’s frustrating as we know what we should be doing as a business, but what Alan gives you is a kick up the bum and re-energises you to focus on what’s important” 
Leanne Crowther | Little Round Cake Company 
Testimonials for Alan S Adams
“Alan really is the man to speak to for the times when you need to stop, take stock and review what direction you and your business are moving in. He helps bring clarity and focus by setting out a clear plan for the path ahead” 
Jo Carroll | Founder and Creative Director of Giant Creative 
Testimonials for Alan S Adams
“Alan has made a massive difference to my company and I would recommend him to anybody who wants to move their business forward” 
Darren Taylor | Managing Director of Rainbow Safety Signs 
Testimonials for Alan S Adams
“Alan's Masterclass workshops have been instrumental in the growth of my business, enabling me to focus more on the company rather than being in it” 
Andy Rao | Managing Director of Key 3 Media 
Testimonials for Alan S Adams
It’s not rocket science… so why aren’t we all doing it? It takes someone like Alan to lead you to the water and now I’m excited about the drinking, Thank you 
Jayne Capaldi | Write Qwerty 
Testimonials for Alan S Adams
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